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• 4/6/2014


Here is a Q&A for new users (A Q&A is Question and Answer).

Q: What if there are spammers here?
A: We have lots of admins, But mostly the founder and her close friends takes care of it.

Q: Is anyone rude here?
A: Yep, Lots. We even had one user raiding the pages. But hopefully we took care of him.

Q: What if someone is bullying me?
A: Oh... then ask a admin! That is the best way

Q: What if I don't know what to do on here?
A: Get a admin or other user to help you :)

Q: I wanna add gifs on my userpage, But I do not know how!
A: Ask me to do it for you

Q: There is a spammer and vandalizer! What do I do?
A: To help the wiki, Undo the content and report the person. However the pages are locked for a limited time right now, So please get an admin to handle the vandalizer and return content. My friend Kristi is a Rollback, So maybe she can help you too :)

So there is the Q&A, Hopefully there is more to come. AnnaAndElsaCherrypop888Talk

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