Br'er Bear
Br'er Bear
Disney Green Logo
General Information
Film(s) Song of the South
Who Framed Roger Rabbit (cameo)
Mickey's Magical Christmas Snowed in at the House of Mouse (cameo)
The Lion King 1/2 (silhouette cameo)
Show(s) Walt Disney anthology series
The Mouse Factory
Bonkers (cameo)
House of Mouse
Biographical Information
Full Name Brother Bear
Gender Male
Home Chickapin Hill
Physical Appearance
Species Bear
Hair Brown
Eyes Brown
Family Junior (son)
Friends Br'er Fox
Br'er Rabbit (sometimes)
Mickey and Friends
Roger Rabbit
Enemies Br'er Rabbit (usually)
Br'er Gator
Big Bad Wolf
Chip and Dale
Other Information
Likes Fishing, eating, making friends
Dislikes Being tricked

I'm gonna knock his head, clean off

—Br'er Bear

Br'er Bear is the roleplay character of Brer Bear888.

About him

Br'er Bear is a secondary antagonist in the 1946 hybrid Disney film Song of the South. He first was a very kind bear until Br'er Rabbit tricked him, now he works with Br'er Fox to get his revenge.


He is a big grizzly bear, brown fur, cream muzzle, large black nose, gray circles around his eyes, dark gray eyelids, brief black eyebrows, blue unbuttoned dress shirt, red feroda.


Br'er Bear is portrayed as stupid, slow-witted, prone to violence when provoked and gullible, leaving him open to being tricked repeatedly by Br'er Rabbit when he accompanies Br'er Fox (because of Rabits tricks).


I'm gonna knock his head, clean off.

Duh, that's what you the last time before, and the time before that, and the--look, let's just knock his head clean off! NOW, LOOK!!!! You said this was a laughin' place, and I ain't laughin'.


Br'er Rabbit The Tar Trap Part 2 - Song of the South clip04:52

Br'er Rabbit The Tar Trap Part 2 - Song of the South clip

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