Captain Hook
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General Information
Film(s) Peter Pan

Return to Never Land

Show(s) Jake and the Never Land Pirates

Once upon a Time

Biographical Information
Full Name James Bartholomew Hook
Other Names Hook

Codfish (referred to by Peter Pan) Cap'n (referred to by Mr. Smee) World's Most Famous Crook (referred to by his crew) Ol' Feather Hat (referred to by Skully) Captain Crook (confusedly referred to by George Darling) Jimmy Killian Jones (Once Upon a Time)

Gender Male
Home Never Land
Occupation Pirate

Captain of The Jolly Roger Genie (temporarily) Witch (temporarily)

Physical Appearance
Species Human
Hair Black
Eyes Brown
Family Mama Hook
Minions Mr. Smee, the rest of his crew, Sharky, Bones, Never Bird (formerly)
Enemies Peter Pan, Tick-Tock Croc, Tinker Bell, Wendy Darling, John Darling, Michael Darling, Lost Boys, the octopus, Jane, Vidia, Prilla, Rosetta, Silvermist, Iridessa, Fawn, Zarina, Jake, Izzy, Cubby, Skully, Marina, Pirate Princess, Winger, Wise Old Parrot, Captain Flynn, Beatrice Le Beak, the Sea Witch, Queen Coralie, ShiverJack
Type Bad
Other Information
Likes Treasure, power, getting his way, going to extreme measures in order to get what he wants, the incredible properties of blue and gold fairy dust
Dislikes Peter Pan, crocodiles, octopuses, alarm clocks, Jake and his crew, not getting what he wants, rival pirates, children in general, incompetence, fairies, oysters
Powers & Abilities Exceptionally skillful swordsmanship

Understanding of fairy language

(Sarcastically) Good heavens, run. Run for your lives. It's.... a little girl.

—Captain Hook

Captain Hook is a character played by Disneyfan97.   This page is one of the oldest pages on the Disney Villain Roleplay.

About him

Captain James Bartholomew Hook is the nemessis of Peter Pan. The capitan of a crew of pirates, has long since abandoned sailing the high seas in favor of having revenge on Peter Pan for ruing his life. Ever since swallowing the Captain's hand, the Crocodile has developed a taste for Hook and is in constant pursuit of the remainder of the pirate's body. Captain Hook is a thin man with curly, black shoulder-length hair that drapes over his shoulders, a large hooked nose, a thin black mustache that angles upward sharply, and a large chin. He wears a frilly white cravat underneath a crimson coat with gold lining and crimson cuffs. Each of these cuffs sports 2 gold cuffinks. He also wears an orange sash over his right shoulder that holds his sword scabbard at his left hip. He wears rose pants and white knee-hight socks, as well as black boots with a pink circle decorating each one.


Captain Hook acts as a menacing and cunning villain. Due,  to this, he made a fool of himself quite often. Hook is extremely inteligent and manipulative and is even able to trick his nemessis, Peter Pan, into believing he has surrendered, giving him a chance to murder his foe off guard. He is cruel, deadly, short tempered and shows no care for his crew.


Peter Pan- is his nemessis and wants to kill him.

The Darling family- he hates them all.

Crocodile- he is extremly afraid of him, because he bite his left hand and for that he changes it to a hook.

His crew- he is the Captain of his crew.


And just what do you think you are doing Mr. Smee?

So, you want a splash, Mr.Starky? (Grabbs him with his hook and throws him into the wather) I'LL GIVE YOU A SPLASH! WHO IS NEXT?!

I did...I did it! I can't believe it....I'm from Peter Pan forever!

(Sarcastically) Good heavens, run. Run for your lives. It's.... a little girl.

Smee?SMEEEE!! Oh, save me Smee! Please don't let him get me Smee! Please don't let him get me Smee, Smee!


Peter Pan Diamond Edition - Captain Hook and Tic Tock Croc Clip01:18

Peter Pan Diamond Edition - Captain Hook and Tic Tock Croc Clip

Peter Pan Walt Disney - Captain Hook and his singing pirates02:35

Peter Pan Walt Disney - Captain Hook and his singing pirates

File:Hook VS Crocodile
Peter Pan Captian Hook Mr Smee03:23

Peter Pan Captian Hook Mr Smee

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