Charles F. Muntz
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General Information
Film(s) Up
Biographical Information
Gender Male
Home His "Spirit of Adventure" blimp
Occupation Adventurer, explorer, archaeologist
Physical Appearance
Species Human
Hair White
Eyes Blue
Minions Alpha, Omega, Beta and Gamma, Dug (formerly), many other dogs
Enemies Carl, Russell, Dug, Kevin, Alpha, Omega, Beta and Gamma, Dug, many other dogs
Type Good (seem)

Bad (reality)

Other Information
Likes Dogs, archaeology, adventure, glory
Dislikes Opposition, anyone that tries to steal his glory, Carl (former fan).
Powers & Abilities Unusual strength (for his age).

Having guests is a delight! More often I got thieves who come to steal what's rightfully mine.


Charles is a character role-played by nobody.

About him

Charles F. Muntz is a famous explorer admired by Carl Fredricksen and his wife Ellie as children, and the main antagonist in Disney/Pixar's film Up. In the movie he found the bones of a tropical bird in South America but the scientific community claimed they were fake. Insulted, Muntz searches the South American wilderness for a live member of the same bird species, traveling in a zepplin with his many pet dogs, whom he equips with special collars he invented that enable them to speak. They are lead by Alpha and his assistants Beta and Gamma.

Charles F. Muntz has white hair. He wears a white dirty short-sleeved shirt with a brown winter jacket. He wears tan pants and brown shoes, and carries a cane. His eyes are aqua. He also has a moustache.

Slender, elderly, aqua eyes, hooked-nose, white hair, rings around his eyes, moustachioed, dressed in a light brown winter coat, dirty short-sleeved shirt, tan pants, brown shoes holding a cane.


Determined, paranoid, insane, violent, sadistic, angry, intelligent, murderous, dangerous.


Ancient sword, hunting rifle.


Having guests is a delight! More often I got thieves who come to steal what's rightfully mine.

An old man taking his house to Paradise Falls... and that's the best one yet. I can't wait to hear how it ends.
Adventure is out there!

I'm taking that bird back with me, alive or dead!


Up Death of Charels Munz00:34

Up Death of Charels Munz

Pixar's Up - Old Man Fight00:30

Pixar's Up - Old Man Fight

Up - Escape From Muntz's Cave03:12

Up - Escape From Muntz's Cave

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