Amanda Frollo
Amanda frollo
Amanda Frollo
General Information
Film(s) The Hunchback of Notre Dame
Biographical Information
Full Name Amanda Frollo
Gender Female
Age 16
Home Europian Church (Quasi's sanctuary)
Occupation Judge Claude Frollo's daughter <br<

Ever After High Sophomore

Physical Appearance
Species Human
Hair White (Formerly)

Purple and light blue (currently)

Eyes Blue
Family Judge Claude Frollo (Father)

Quasimodo (Foster Brother)

Pet(s) Patrick (horse)
Enemies Frollo

the guards

Other Information
Likes Playing with her brother

Riding her horse
Dating Jim

Dislikes Dad's prejudice against Gypsies

Seeing Quasi and Jim endanger

Powers & Abilities None
Quotes "Father, they're just humans who do amazing magic tricks!"

Amanda Frollo is the daughter of Judge Claude Frollo, the antagonist from Hunchback of Notre Dame. She's a student and the minor triagonist in Ever After High.




Amanda's attire is a white tunic with a purple petti coat and a pair of black shoes. The clothes she wears dates back during the 14th century, the time of the black death.


She's very smart, quiet, timid girl who shown to get along with folk (people outside her religion/gypsies in particular). When she came across Esmeralda's nephew she instantly came to admire him.

Unlike her father she isn't prejudice against Gypsies she considers them wonderful and unique beings who can do magic tricks (whom her father considers witchcraft) she doesnt see it this way at all.

She also gets along best with her younger foster brother.


Judge Frollo (father)

Qausimodo (foster brother)

Jim (Boyfriend-love-interest)

Judge Doom (Uncle/from Who framed Rodger Rabbit?)


  • Amanda is a portugese princess (though this isn't stated in the movie)
  • She's the Daughter of Judge Claude Frollo.
  • Her brother was adopted when she was only 5-years-old
  • It is said Amanda looks alot like her mom (though there's no mention of her mother being around)
  • Her destiny is to get rid of 'witches' (gypsies), although she sees them as unqiue beings of earth, therefore she doesn't want to harm them making her a rebel
  • Her birthday is July 1. Her star sign is Cancer
  • She is one of the first kids to be the offspring of a Disney villain
  • Her uncle is Judge Doom
  • Her foster brother is Quasimodo. Even though he's a gypsie by birth, she still loves him.
  • Her and Jim are 'together' though this is forbidden because their two DIFFERENT races of different cultures.
  • All of this is fan-made by Lady Pitchiner

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