Melinda Cent
General Information
Film(s) Sleeping Beauty
Biographical Information
Full Name Melinda Cent
Other Names Mel

Melinda Dear
Ms. Cent

Gender Female
Age 17
Home Forbidden Mountain
Occupation Maleficent's daughter
Physical Appearance
Species Witch
Hair Black with a pair of two horns
Eyes Red and yellow
Alternate Form Dragon

Q glowing neon shadowy ball

Family Maleficent (Mother)
Friends Her friends and family
Enemies Briar Beauty (as the next Aurora)
Other Information
Likes Casting spells, chatting with friends and her mother's meals
Dislikes Her destiny to kill Briar, her friends endanger and her mother being busy.
Powers & Abilities Telekinesis, astral projection, shadow travel, turning into a purple dragon, and cast spells ect.
Quotes "I'm the daughter of Maleficent the mistress of all evil. So I'm Princess of Darkness!"
Melinda Cent is one of the many protagonists in Ever After High. Her destiny is in conflict because of the Spindle Curse. She's the daughter of Maleficent the wicked fairy antagonist from Sleeping Beauty.





Her Life Before High School/Legacy DayEdit





  • Her birthday is October 3rd. Her star sign is Libra.
  • She's 17 years or age
  • She's the older sister of Mal and Faybelle Thorn
  • She doesn't want to curse Briar two reasons: to get rid off her much like her mother. However, she doesn't want to be persecuted as a 'killer', thats why her destney is a bit off compared to other villianess' destinies. Which makes her a bit of a neutral.
  • She was raised in a church with her foster 'brothers' Max, Pete Jr and Phil.
  • Like her mother she uses her magical staff to protect her.
  • Mel's father is Prince Philip's older brother Prince Phil. This was until he died.
  • Fanmade by Lady Pitchiner

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