General Information
Biographical Information
Full Name Melissa Snow Queen Andrella
Other Names Mel

Ms. Snow Princess

Gender Female
Age 18
Home Elsa's Ice Palace
Occupation Queen Elsa's daughter

Snow Princess
Ever After High Student

Physical Appearance
Species Human
Hair Orange
Eyes Blue
Alternate Form She wears a blue gown much like her mother's
Family Elsa (Mother)

Anna (Aunt)
Kristoff (Possible Uncle)
King & Queen (Grandparents/deceased) Hans (Father)

Friends Her family
Enemies Nobody
Other Information
Likes Everything
Powers & Abilities Snow and Ice (which she inherited from her mother)
Melissa is one of the protagonists in Ever After High. She is the daughter of Elsa the Snow Queen. She has inherited her mother's snow powers.




Her appearance is in Ever After High.

Powers & AbiliitesEdit

Melissa has ice powers like her mother. She can freeze anyone and anything.


Elsa (Mother)

Hans (Father)


  • This character belongs to Heather11203333
  • This page was 'made' by Lady Pitchiner
  • She's 18 years of age
  • Her mother is the Snow Queen Elsa. Her father is Hans.
  • Her birthday is December 25. Her star sign is Capricorn.
  • She's a royal.
  • Coming soon!

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