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General Information
Film(s) Frozen

Frozen Fever

Show(s) Once upon a Time
Biographical Information
Full Name Prince Hans Westerguard of the Southern Isles
Gender Male
Age 23
Home The Southern Isles
Occupation Prince of the Southern Isles
Physical Appearance
Species Human
Hair Auburn
Eyes Green
Family The King and Queen of the Southern Isles (parents)
Twelve older brothers
Melissa (fan-made daughter)
Enemies Anna
The Duke of Weselton
Type Good (in the beggining)

Bad (later)

Other Information
Likes Power, admiration, respect, tormentinghis foes
Dislikes Disrespect, being ignored or looked down upon, the Duke of Weselton's nagging, his brothers
Powers & Abilities Swordsmanship, charismatic manipulation

Oh Anna, if only there was someone out there who loved you.


Hans is a character played by EternallyFrozen13.

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Prince Hans Westerguard of the Southern Isles is the main antagonist of the 2013 Disney movie, Frozen. He plans to take over the throne of Arendelle. Not much is known about this Prince, but he's the youngest of his 12 brothers and was neglected, because of this and knowing, that he will never rule the throne of Isles unless he marries a royal. When Arendelle is set to have a coronation, he jumps at the opportunity.


Hans is classy, intelligent, observant, chivalrous, traitorous, arrogant, and cold. Conniving and quick, Hans is a devilish prince with a hunger of admiration, power, obedience, and honor. Even if he appears to be noble to the fullest extent. Hans is merely a master manipulator, caring nothing for anyone other than himself. He has some positive traits, though. He can be polite and goofy. He is also an animal-lover, brave, resourceful, ambitious, talented, and reservent. But, through his charm and charisma alone, he is able to fool both of Anna and Elsa as well as the entire kingdom of Arendelle and its visiting royals, providing excellent proof of his dangerous power over manipulation. Hans is handsome, slender and very good looking. He has fair skin and a light dusting of freckles across his nose. He also has auburn hair, sideburns and green eyes. Throughout the film he wears dark blue trousers, black boots, a magenta tie, blue shirt, intigo vest and a light gray and black jacket.


Princess Anna - Hans' "love."

Queen Elsa - Anna's older sister.

Duke - A royal of Weselton.

Kristoff - Anna's boyfriend.

Olaf - A talking, summer-loving snowman created from Elsa's powers.

Sven - Kristoff's pet reindeer.


  • "As thirteenth in line in my own kingdom, I didn't stand a chance. I knew I'd have to marry into the throne somewhere. As heir, Elsa was preferable, of course, but no one was getting anywhere with her. But you, you were so desperate for love you were willing to marry me just like that! I figured, after we married, I'd have to stage a little accident for Elsa, But then she doomed herself and you were dumb enough to go after her! Now all that's left to do, is kill Elsa and bring summer."
  • "No, you're no match for Elsa. I, on the other hand, am the hero who is going to save Arendelle from destruction....Oh, I  already have."


Frozen - Love Is an Open Door (HD)

Frozen - Love Is an Open Door (HD)

(FROZEN) - hans betrayal to anna

(FROZEN) - hans betrayal to anna

Frozen Personal Flurry Anna punches Hans

Frozen Personal Flurry Anna punches Hans

Frozen-anna meets hans

Frozen-anna meets hans