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General Information
Film(s) Sleeping Beauty

Maleficent Descendants

Show(s) Once Upon a Time
Portrayed By Angelina Jolie (Maleficent)

Kristin Bauer van Staten (Once Upon a Time)
Kristin Chenoweth (Descendants)

Voiced By Eleanor Audley (original)

Susanne Blakeslee

Biographical Information
Other Names The Mistress of All Evil
Gender Female
Home The Forbidden Mountain

Enchanted Forest (formerly; Once Upon a Time only)
Storybrooke, Maine (currently; Once Upon a Time only)
Isle of the Lost (formerly; Descendants only)
Auradon (currently; Descendants only)

Physical Appearance
Species Human


Hair Black horned headdress
Eyes Yellow
Family Lilith "Lily" (daughter in Once Upon a Time only)

Mal (daughter in Descendants only)

Pet(s) Diablo (raven)
Minions Diablo (raven)

her goons

Enemies Flora, Fauna and Merryweather, Prince Phillip, Aurora, Samson, King Hubert, King Stefan, Queen Leah
Type Bad
Other Information
Likes Ultimate power, causing chaos, ruin, sorrow and despair, the death of her enemies, her pet
Dislikes Being uninvited, Aurora, happiness and purity, disrespect, the stupidity of her minions, failure, Flora, Fauna and Merryweather, King Stefan
Powers & Abilities Powerful magic, teleportation via magical means, hypnosis, abilities to curse individuals and produce visions, object conjuration, metamorphosis

Touch the spindle. Touch it I say!


Maleficent is a character played by Heather11203333.

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About her

Maleficent is an extremely powerful and evil fairy, and her nemesis is Sleeping Beauty aka. Princess Aurora. She takes offense at not being invited to the christening of Princess Aurora, and attempts revenge on King Stefan and the Queen by cursing Aurora. She is an incarnation of pure evil, responsible for all misfortune in King Stefan's kingdom.


She is ruthless and devious, and will do whatever it takes to archive her (evil) goals. Additionally, she is very sinister, which is shown by taunting Prince Phillip after she captures him. Her powers are magic based. Using her staff she can conjure up her spells, for example, lighting projection, divination, and teleportation. Merryweather also implied that she was capable of summoning frost storms. She can even cast powerful dark magic spells, like her forest of thorns. She appears in the form of a tall, slender, beautiful,šale green-skinned woman with a narrow face and a prominent chin. She also has yellow eyes and a horned headdress- her hair style, wich is symbolic of her dark magic. She is clad in a black-purple robe with bat wing-like edges, and wears a gold ring with a large mysterious circular black stone in it. She can turn into a dragon too.


Princess Aurora - Nemesis of Maleficent.

Princ Phillip - Loves Aurora and breaked Maleficent's spell by kissing the Sleeping Beauty. He killed Maleficent with the sword of Truth when she turned into a dragon. 

The three little fairy's - Aurora's friends.

King and Queen - Aurora's parents.

Diablo - Maleficent's pet.

The Goons - Maleficent's minions.


Saying a spell to stop Prince Phillip A forest of thorns shall be his tomb! Borne throught the skies on a fog of doom! Now go with the curse, and serve me well! Round Stefan's castle, CAST MY SPELL!!!!

To her minions and to her pet Did you heared that my pet? All these years they've been looking for a baby.

(Seeing captured Prince Phillip)  Well - this is a pleasant surprise. I set my trap for a peasant and LO! - I catch a prince! Away with him - but gently my pets, gently. I have plans for our royal guest.

Touch the spindle. Touch it I say!


Sleeping Beauty - Scary Spindle Scene

Sleeping Beauty - Scary Spindle Scene

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Classic Movie Deaths Maleficent (1959)-0

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Disney's Maleficent - "Dream" Trailer

Disney's Maleficent - "Dream" Trailer

Maleficent Returns 4x14 Once Upon A Time

Maleficent Returns 4x14 Once Upon A Time

Once Upon A Time 4x12 - Maleficent , Ursula & Cruella Meet

Once Upon A Time 4x12 - Maleficent , Ursula & Cruella Meet