Marcus Davenport
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General Information
Show(s) Lab Rats
Biographical Information
Gender Male
Physical Appearance
Species Human
Hair Brown
Eyes Brown
Friends The agents
Enemies The angents
Type Good (seem)

Bad (reality)

Marcus is role-played by BreBreHermione12345.

About him

Marcus is a young boy that manipulates Bree, Chase, and Adam. Leo is very suspicious about Marcus, thinking he will try to find out their secret.

Marcus Davenport (portrayed by Mateus Ward) is a main antagonist and a recurring character of Disney XD's series Lab Rats.


He is seem to be a kind, harmless, but friendly, act of innocence doesn't fool Leo Dooley. He revealed himself to be a truly dark mean character ruhtless, manipulative lair for a reason will not Leo to messed up his plans and stop at nothing to achieving his goals. Despite this creation a believeable facade of being a friend. He only reveals his true personality to Leo.

Powers and abilities

  • Laser Vision: Marcus has green laser vision much like Adam's except his destroys things and Adam's laser vision melts things. Marcus's vision proves to be incredibly powerful, one single pulse was enough to destroy his giant robot.
  • Molecular Kinesis: Marcus has the same ability as Chase.
  • Plasma Grenade: He uses a plasma grenade on Adam, Bree and Chase causing them to fall down.
  • Bionic Energy Blast: A green gaseous energy used on Donald Davenport.
  • Psychological Manipulation Skills: Ever since his first appearance, he lied and fooled the lab rats into believing he is a innocent troubled boy, reveling only to Leo that he is actually a sinister bionic villain.
  • Super Intelligence: It is very probable that Marcus has super intelligence because he said that he made the upgraded weapons on the remote controlled home security robot.
  • Lighting Manipulation: Marcus can harness lightning in his palm and use it as a weapon. It is presumably powerful enough to kill a person.
  • Super Strength: Marcus easily over powered Adam and was able to lift and thrown him.
  • Super Speed: Marcus is even faster than Bree, being able to dodge her high speed attacks with ease.
  • Invisible Force-Field: Marcus was shown capable of making a force-field to block the laser that Donald fired at him. Unlike Chase's force-field, which is a dome, Marcus's is shown to be like an invisible shield.
  • Super Durability: Marcus easily shrugged off all of Adam, Bree and Chase's attacks and is shown to be able to take immense amounts of damage.
  • Martial Arts: Marcus can easily hold his own against Adam, Bree and Chase in hand-to-hand combat.
  • Saw Fingers: Fe tries to kill Leo with spinning saws that come out of his hand.
  • Wi-Fi Hotspots: He has a mole on the back of his head that is actually a Wi-fi Hotspot.
  • Super Hearing: He and Chase were the only ones to cover their ears when Bree was playing guitar.


Lab Rats Bionic Showdown Clip Marcus vs Lab Rats01:43

Lab Rats Bionic Showdown Clip Marcus vs Lab Rats

Lab Rats Marcus's Death00:40

Lab Rats Marcus's Death

Lab Rats-Marcus finds the lab02:42

Lab Rats-Marcus finds the lab

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