The Queen Club is a special club just for queens to talk and have fun, they share their likes and dislikes and what goes on chat as well.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Welcome to my club! ~Evil Queen


Club Posts

Hello, Queen friends! This is our first post and i would love to welcome you guys, Post here as much as you want! No one is stopping you! ~Evil Queen

Hello Queen friends! Sorry for the late post, I have been disturbed by "you know who" but moving on, I have plans to beat Mickey's  club and name this club number #1! First i will allow my Co-president Elsa to freeze Hades whenever he takes a footstep near this group! ~Evil Queen

Hi dear queens, Today i want you to reply on the club posts of what guy you hate the most, Remember if you really despise the guy, Show all your hate on him! ~Evil Queen

Hades, you need to watch out! Stop bugging my friend, the Evil Queen, or I'll freeze your sorry behind!!! - Elsa


Elsa (Co-President)

The Evil Queen (President)

Queen Narissa (Member 3)

The Queen of Hearts (Member 2)

Maleficent (Member 1)

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