When using a role don't use the wrong personality! For example: if you're playing Maleficent and she is very nice, that is NOT the right personality of Maleficent. If you use the wrong one then I will have to tell you to stop and act like the role you're playing. You can change the personailty, but ONLY if you have the permission or the role is woozy or mind-controlled. Do not get a role without permission, if so your role will be removed and you will get warned to "ask." If you don't come on this wiki for over a year or many months, you will be considered inactive and your role will be available to others.

Admin abuse

Don't abuse your rights. Do not kick a person if they don't have a role, they are welcome unless they are spammers or users that swear. If you lose your admin rights and want payback then you will be blocked for a year.


You may have two or three roles, do not over ask it. No asking for more roles after you have full limit.

Disney only!

Only pick roles that are (or were originally going to be) antagonists in Disney shows or movies, even non-canon villains are allowed. Do not add Dreamworks or other roles. Pugs are allowed. This, though, is only for Kobob23.

Changing Roles

Changing your roles is fine with me, but unfortunately you can only change your roles two times. 

Follow these rules and have fun!

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