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General Information
Film(s) Kim Possible: A Sitch in Time

Kim Possible: So the Drama

Show(s) Kim Possible

Lilo and Stitch: The Series

Biographical Information
Other Names Ms. Ogehs

Miss Wobakoff Miss Go

Gender Female
Home Go City (formerly)

Any of Drakken's lairs

Occupation Supervillain

Heroine Drakken's henchwoman Schoolteacher (temporarily)

Physical Appearance
Species Human
Hair Black
Eyes Green
Family Team Go: Hego, Mego, Wego Twins (brothers)
Friends Dr. Drakken
Enemies Kim Possible, Ron Stoppable, Rufus, Stitch, Lilo
Type Bad
Other Information
Likes Crime, evil, mocking Drakken's plans
Dislikes Drakken's incompetence, losing to Kim Possible
Powers & Abilities Green energy blasts

Above average strength, speed, reflexes, and durability

"I am EVIL! Have I made myself clear?"


Shego is the roleplay character of Dlrgirl75.

This page is one of the oldest pages on the Disney Villain Roleplay.

Past life

Before Shego met Drakken she was a crime-fighting superhero along with her three brothers, Together they were team Go! but behind all that, Shego got addicted to evil so the more she fought the more she felt evil and then left team Go and go work for Drakken. Shego oftenly fights Kim Possible since they both have the same skills and sometimes fight Ron Stoppable. Shego and her brothers got super-powers of their own, Her brother Hego has strength and her brother Mego has the ability to change his size and her twin brothers, The Wego twins has the power to clone themselves and Shego herself has the power of destruction.


Shego is a slender and beautiful woman, She has a green/black suit almost matching her brothers. She has dark greenish hair and black lips and pale skin.


Shego is sarcastic talking to Drakken, Mocking him and his plans. She insults Kim Possible with the nicknames "Kimmy" and "Princess" but she is sometimes caring or angry. Mostly she is careless but loves to fight.


Shego is a partner with Dr. Drakken, she doesn't cares for him, she hates him all the time, but in the end they two love eatchother.


"I am EVIL! Have I made myself clear?"


Kigo fight

Kigo fight

The best of Dr

The best of Dr. Drakken and Shego

Shego's jealous moments

Shego's jealous moments

Shego Quotes-0

Shego Quotes-0