Stinky Pete
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General Information
Film(s) Toy Story 2
Biographical Information
Other Names Prospector

Stinky Pete (referred to by Woody)

Gender Male
Home Al's Apartment (formerly)

Amy's house (when defeated)

Occupation Toy from Woody's franchise
Physical Appearance
Species Toy
Hair White
Eyes Brown
Friends Al McWhiggin (briefly), Woody (in Woody's Roundup), Jessie (in Woody's Roundup), Bullseye (in Woody's Roundup),
Enemies Woody, Buzz Lightyear, Bullseye, Hamm, Jessie, Rex, Mr. Potato Head, Slinky Dog, Amy and her Barbie
Type Bad
Other Information
Likes Woody's Roundup TV show, being decorated
Dislikes Children, space-themed toys
Powers & Abilities His fist

Idiots! Children destroy toys! You'll all be ruined! Forgotten! Spending eternity rotting in some landfill!

—Stinky Pete

Stinky Pete is a character role-played by nobody. 

About him

Stinky Pete the Prospector (sometimes only called the Prospector) is the main antagonist in Disney Pixar's film Toy Story 2.

The Prospector doll had never been opened and was still "mint in the box", making him sought after by collectors. He always carried a pick around like a real prospector, and had lived his entire life in a box. Thus, he was greatly valued for still being in mint condition. He spent much time in storage with Bullseye and Jessie, and eventually met Woody after Al stole him. Stinky Pete was excited, as this had meant that he and the gang could finally reside in the Konishi Toy Museum without the fear of destruction by kids. Unfortunately, Woody still had an owner, prompting Stinky Pete to stop him from returning to Andy at any cost. When Woody tried to retrieve his severed arm from Al, Stinky Pete, unnoticed by Woody, left his box and turned on the T.V., waking up Al. He placed the remote in front of Jessie so that he couldn't be blamed for the incident. After getting repaired, Woody decided to leave the gang for home, but Stinky Pete convinced him make amends with Jessie first. After hearing Jessie's sad story of how she was abandoned by her former owner Emily, and learning from Stinky Pete that Andy would eventually grow up as well, Woody decided to stick with the gang to join them in the museum.

Short and somewhat obese talking doll, elderly, both white beard and eyebrows, gold tooth on the bottom left side of his teeth, brown eyes, blue overalls, red long-sleeved shirt, yellow bandanna with red lines that make outline squares, black boots, brown cowboy hat with a dented brim on the right side, pull string on his back with a white loop attached toit.


At first, Stinky Pete was friendly and acted like a grandfather figure and a mentor. However, he soon snapped and turned out to be evil, having grown bitter at the fact that he spent his life in a dime store shelf and was never sold.

Decisive, gentile, not-too-bright, mainpulative, ruthless, thinks children don't really like toys.


His pickaxe


I tried reasoning with you, Woody, but you keep forcing me to take extreme measures.
Idiots! Children destroy toys! You'll all be ruined! Forgotten! Spending eternity rotting in some landfill!


Toy Story 2 Pete's Defeat00:48

Toy Story 2 Pete's Defeat

✳Stinky Pete FARTS!! During Filming Of Toy Story00:23

✳Stinky Pete FARTS!! During Filming Of Toy Story

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