Sylvester Shyster
Disney Green Logo
General Information
Biographical Information
Gender Male
Occupation Lawyer, con artist
Physical Appearance
Species Dog
Hair Dark fur
Eyes Black eyes
Minions Pete
Enemies Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Mortimer Mouse (Minnie's Uncle), Captain Churchmouse, Spooks the Gorilla
Type Bad
Sylvester Shyster is a comic antagonist role-played by Hellfire gamer 19

About him

Sylvester Shyster is a recurring villain from the Mickey Mousecomics. He is a crooked lawyer and con man who often works withPete. The character has been described by some as a weasel or a rat (the latter being Gottfredson's own interpretation), but his ears suggest that he is rather an anthropomorphic canine.


He first appeared in the comic strip adventure "Mickey Mouse in Death Valley", the first real Mickey Mouse continuity, which was partially written by Walt Disney and drawn by Win Smith and other artists, before being taken over by Floyd Gottfredson (plot and art). In this story, Sylvester Shyster was a crooked lawyer who attempted, with the help of his henchman Pete, to deprive Minnie Mouse of her inheritance. 

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