This club is owned by Brer Bear888.


Tis club is a club were you can only come with an invitation. Here you can chat, dance, kiss, etc. other villains.


1. You can't come if you don't have an invitation. If you have one you can invite someone else. The owner of the club can invite 3 people. If you invite someone that's already invited you lost your invitation. If you invite someone and he/she rejects your invitation you lost it.

2. You can't bully the owner.

3. No love scenes allowed except kisses or hugs.

4. You can't attack anybody.

5. Only original Disney characters (not fanmade characters, except Evil Mickey)

6. You can only have 1 girlfriend/boyfriend (especially for Hades)

If you break a rule you'll be kicked out of the club.


1. Br'er Bear (owner)

2. Judge Doom

3. Hans

4. Theodora

5. Jafar

6. Sparky

7. Captain Hook

8. Heinz Doofenshmirtz

9. Ripslinger

10. Hades

11. Maleficent

12. Grim Gloom

13. Supreme Commander

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