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General Information
Show(s) Once Upon a Time
Portrayed By Lana Parilla (in the TV show)
Biographical Information
Other Names The Evil Queen
Gender Female
Home Enchanted Forest (formerly)
Storybrooke, Maine
Occupation Queen (in the Enchanted Forest)
Mayor (in Storybrooke, Maine)
Physical Appearance
Species Human
Hair Black
Family Henry (father; deceased)
Cora (mother; deceased)
Zelena (half-sister)
King Leopold (husband; deceased)
Daniel (lover; deceased)
Snow White (stepdaughter)
Prince Charming (stepson in-law)
Emma Swan (great-stepdaughter)
Henry Mills (great great-stepson/adoptive son)
Other Information
Likes Henry (her "son")
Dislikes Emma Swan (formerly)
Powers & Abilities Dark Magic

I shall destroy your happiness, if it is the last thing I do.

—Queen Regina to Snow White and everyone present at her stepdaughter's wedding

Regina (also known as The Evil Queen in the Enchanted Forest and Regina Mills in Storybrooke, Maine) is the roleplay character of ♫Cheryl♫.


From birth until she marries King Leopold, she was a kind and compassionate person. But because Snow White told her mother Cora that she was in love with her horse-trainer and was in a relationship with him, she became cold and hardhearted. After summoning Rumplestiltskin, he gave her a looking-glass that would transport Cora to another world by passing through it. She began to learn dark magic with him as her teacher, after she threw Cora through the mirror.

Several months after Emma Swan broke the Dark Curse that Regina enacted 28 years earlier when Emma was born, she redeemed herself, although she still has an air of her villain self.


Her father was a prince (later a king) and her mother was originally of humble means. Cora named her Regina because she would make sure she would one day be queen. To do that, she poisoned King Leopold's first wife and enemy, Queen Eva, who caused her to want revenge years earlier when Eva tripped Cora. She then made young Snow White's horse run uncontrollably, knowing that Regina would save her. When Leopold proposed to Regina, Cora accepted for her. It was then that Snow White saw Regina kissing Daniel, whom planned to run away together. Snow White promised not to tell Cora. But because Snow White didn't want Regina to lose her mother, she told Cora. The night Regina and Daniel began to run away, Cora appeared. Thinking Cora was finally accepting Daniel and would stop the wedding between her and Leopold, she was happy. But she then became shocked and angry after Cora ripped out his heart and crushed it, with Daniel being calm and happy like Regina at first. Regina now had no choice but to marry Leopold.

While getting ready for the wedding, she found out by Snow White that she herself (Snow) was the one who told Cora. After, when Cora entered and Snow White left, she figured out by herself that the horse incident was no accident and that Cora set her up. Leaving, Regina told Cora that she should have had Snow White die on that horse instead of rescue her.

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