The Queen of Hearts
Queen-of-hearts-what the heck face
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General Information
Film(s) Alice in Wonderland
Show(s) Once Upon a Time

Once Upon a Time in Wonderland

Biographical Information
Gender Female
Age Not known
Home Wonderland
Occupation Queen of Hearts
Physical Appearance
Species Human
Hair Black
Family King of Hearts (husband)
Regina and Zelena (daughters in OUAT)
Enemies Alice
Mad Hatter
Cheshire Cat


—The Queen of Hearts

The Queen of Hearts is played by Poofy Pink


The Queen of Hearts is seen wearing a gold crown and earrings, and a black/red dress with gold. She has black hair.

About her

She has a big temper and can be very raging person. She is the Queen of hearts, wife of the King of Hearts. She has her minions, some few cards-man, love cards. If anyone doesn't agree with her, she always say: Off of his head! They all fear from her, because she is like that and have to obey every orders she gives. She was seen in Alice in Wonderland, the movie and the cartoon.


Off of his/her head!

All ways here are MY ways! I warn you, child. If I lose my temper, you lose your head! Understand?! Sentence first! Verdict afterwards. SIILLENNCE!!!

Once up on a time

She was in once up on a time as well.

  • In Once upon a Time
  • In Once upon a Time in Wonderland (Anasasia)


Alice in Wonderland - Croquet Game03:18

Alice in Wonderland - Croquet Game

Alice In Wonderland - "Off With His Head" Clip (HQ)00:52

Alice In Wonderland - "Off With His Head" Clip (HQ)

Alice in Wonderland Funny Parts.07:35

Alice in Wonderland Funny Parts..


OUAT2.09 Cora - Queen of Hearts

Once Upon A Time 1x17 "Hat Trick" The Queen of Hearts and Jefferson01:56

Once Upon A Time 1x17 "Hat Trick" The Queen of Hearts and Jefferson

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